​What's The Differe​nce?​

Hello, my name is Carrie Hyde and there IS a difference and I hope you will notice it, appreciate it and most of all love it.

The picture to your left was my beloved dog  Joy, I miss her dearly and learned so much about the canine because of her, Compassion, willingness to love no matter what,  and patience to name a few. It was because of her that I have studied dog nutrition and behavior for years. Joy was a blessing to me and so many of her canine friends. I take all of the lessons I have learned and poor them into my work, and I hope you will see just how special Hyde Park Unleashed is

To keep a holistic home-like environment and your pets stress-free, we do not cage dogs. All dogs sleep in our home, along with a night attendant. We maintain the belief that a healthy dog is healthy in mind, body and bowl so the property is very holistic. Don't be surprised if we offer up our vast knowledge about holistic alternatives, we love to talk about it.

Baths are always included with multi night stays.

Family owned and operated with 35 years of experience and 12 of those I spent as a veterinarian technician.  We spend countless hrs educating ourselves and staff about dogs health, training and social interactions dogs . We are committed to providing the best    care possible.

Very low numbers of dogs on the property, with a high staff to dog ratio

Pick up/drop off anytime during business hrs. Daycare fee is included 

No charge for house food or medications. We believe you will notice the love and attention we take in providing the most loving and comfortable place possible in all of orange county and hope you will stop by and see for yourself